Ebook library membership RM34.90
2000 + books

Leader are reader,
reader are leader.
As you come into this page, We should assume you as a leader.
Yes, we all facing the same dilemma ,where we want more knowledge ,and we know where to get it. But yet, In Malaysia, we hardly found any library. 
Now, online library is the way to go!
We offer this life time library membership with just RM34.90, 2000+ of books on cloud, where you can download it anytime that you want!
Don’t miss the opportunity!

Yes, it’s a life time membership.

Yes, the library will be hold by Google drive, which have no download limits.

The book will be in PDF format, some are EPUB format.
For Iphone user, it can be supported by iBook apps, which is the build in book reader.

For android user, you may download: “Eboox: Reader for FB2 epub zip book” to open all the books in the Library.

In other country such as TW, SG, HK, we may find library all across the country, but for Malaysia. We hardly found any library around us. 

By building this library, we hope to bring more books to Malaysian, with an insignificant cost. 

You will need an email with Google drive account, and a reader’s soul.

Yes, we offer free update to all our reader! 

10 minutes after payment during working hours(10am-6pm). 12 hours during non working hours.

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Books for
highly sophisticated readers

Best bibliography for Entrepreneur

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9 books
Dan Lok recommended

Top seller books

Best business books
by legendary Business writer : Jim Collins
(Good to Great writer)

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The self improvement books

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There is thousand of books in the library, sorry that we can't show it all here. To know more, please message us at the messenger.